18 April 2021

The Day Stanley was a Lucky Man


Stanley Francis Mavor was born 17 April 1890 in Montreal, to Alexander Mavor and Rebecca Campbell. Stanley was the brother of my maternal grandfather. After living and working in Verdun most of his life, at the age of 58 Stanley and his wife, Ethel Mae Ramsden, moved to Vancouver, where Stanley got employment as a sheet metal worker at King's Mill, at the foot of Fell Avenue.  

On Thursday, 23 July 1953 Stanley got caught up in the machinery at the mill.

NORTH VANCOUVER, July 25 - A 63 year old North Vancouver man, who spent five minutes inside whirling mill machinery Thursday, said he was "darn lucky" when he escaped with only minor injuries.

He is Stanley Francis Mavor of 339 East Seventh, who slipped while levering rocks from a conveyor system at King's Mill, foot of Fell Avenue, North Vancouver, and was trapped in the machinery.

He started to yell for help because the moving parts were tearing his clothes to shreds. A truck driver heard Mavor and came to his aid, but didn't know how to turn off the machinery

Mavor shouted instructions to the truck driver and managed to get the machinery turned off before he lost consciousness.

He was revived in North Vancouver General Hospital and is in good condition today with only a few bruises to show for his narrow escape. 

The Province, 24 July 1953

In North Van General Hospital

Wife Ethel died in 1960. Stanley retired in 1965 at the age of 75 to 5488 Patterson Avenue, Burnaby, Vancouver. He died three years later, 5 September 1968 at Riverview Hospital, and was cremated at Royal Oak. 


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