22 April 2019

The Day William Passed his Government Exams

William Seale was working as a clerk for a bookbinder in Kingston, Ontario where he lived in 1891 with his wife Louisa (Alexander). Louisa's brother Henry Alexander, who lived in Ottawa and was on the Privy Council of the Government of Canada, suggested that William take the exam to get a government job and move to Ottawa. Since Louisa was still grieving the deaths of both her small children, they thought the change would be good for her.

According to the the report of the Department of Indian Affairs in the Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada for 1891, William wrote and passes his preliminary exam in Kingston in November 1891. He was 45 years old.

On 3 December 1892 William was appointed as a messenger (working in the records office) for the Department of Indian Affairs. I suppose there was a trial period, as on 3 Mar 1893 it was recommended that William stay employed in the department. 
He was officially appointed as of 18 March 1893.

William is on the Civil Service List of 1893 earning a salary of $300/ year.

In 1898 William Seale, messenger for the Department of Indian Affairs was recommended for a raise from $390 to $420, and in 1900 raised to $480. By 1914 he was earning $800 /year.

In 1919, at the age of 73, William had 27 years on the job and was making a yearly salary of $1000 plus a $250 war bonus. 

William retired from the government in May 1920. 

William Seale was born in 1846 
to John Seale and Elizabeth Hunter
-the brother of my great grandfather John Seale Jr

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