26 February 2022

The Day Robert Frost became a substitute militia man


In 1803 many parishes in England were recruiting men in anticipation of the Napoleonic Wars. There were to be a certain number of recruits from each parish. Recruits were served a Notice stating they were chosen by ballot to serve. If they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) serve they could bring a suitable substitute, which they paid to take their place. 


According to the diary of Silvester Treleavens of Moretonhampstead, Devon, on 8 July 1803 he wrote that Robert Frost was sworn as a substitute in the East Devon Militia. There is no mention of the person that asked him to be his substitute. According to the militia records Robert Frost actually signed his enlistment papers on 29 June 1803. 

Robert Frost spent 69 days as a Private, 17 years 271 days as a Corporal, and 4 years 50 days as a Sargeant, for a total of 22 years 25 days. 


Robert was discharged 24 July 1825, due to having frequent asthma attacks, making him unfit for further service. 


Robert Frost died in Moretonhampstead 17 March 1833


Robert Frost, my 4x ggf, was born 12 Jun 1774 to Gilbert Frost and Sarah Mudge in Moretonhampstead.

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