22 January 2018

The Day George Henry Told His Story to the Star

The Montreal Evening Star was founded on January 16, 1869.  In 1877 the newspaper changed it's name to the Montreal Daily Star, and in 1915 to the Montreal Star. 

In January 1939 the Star published a special page in celebration of it's 70th Anniversary.  When George Henry King read the celebratory piece, he recalled the days when, as a 12 year old boy, he sold the first copies of the Montreal Star every printed!  He strode down to the offices of the Montreal Star and told his story. 

George Henry was only one or two years old when he sailed with his mother and father from Devon to Canada. Although George Henry lived longer than any of his six siblings, he died within the year, at age 82 on 6 December 1939.

George Henry King was born 14 December 1856 
Washbourne, UK (about 9.5 miles/15km from Kingsbridge) 
My 2x great uncle, married to Mary McMillan of Lochiel, Ontario 
George Henry is the older brother of my maternal great-grandfather.

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